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Prepare your children for school

Prepare for kindergarten

For homework, we have your children practice writing their names, alphabet, sight words, numbers, and shapes. This can make the transition to kindergarten a lot easier and less stressful on you and your kids.

Learn to read

Learning their ABCs is a vital part to your children's literacy. We will teach the alphabet in a fun way so they'll fully retain the information for future use. Their daily progress will be very noticeable when they read to you!

Learn new languages

Learning additional languages is easier at earlier ages, so start them young! We'll teach your children the basics, allowing them to expand their vocabulary. They'll have a leg up on the other children.

We have fun




Explore the artist sides of their minds with coloring.


We'll help your children excel in reading fun books.

We create interesting discussions by talking about the atmosphere.

Inspire future success with

pre-math skills.

Our teaching at Life Skills Learning Center will enrich your children's lives. They will gain the knowledge and skills that are useful for a lifetime.

Weather Pre-Math Coloring