452 S. Grant Ave. Springfield, MO 65806

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Get your kids moving

Encouraging positivity

We'll push your children to their limits and encourage them to embrace physical activity and all its benefits. Our physical activities include jumping jacks, along with other fun activities!

Increase endurance

Increasing their overall fitness level is important to setting the bar for their lifelong health. By running around outside with their friends, your children will increase their endurance and health.

Build up strength

By climbing and exerting physical strength outdoors, your children can build up their physical well-being and their confidence. Our outdoor activities will help them reach their full potentials.

An array of activities




Explore our playground and get fit running around!

Fun games

Our outdoor activities will motivate your kids to get moving.

Through movement, your kids will burn calories and get healthy.

Your children can express themselves while being active.

Along with mental stimulation, physical activity is important to your children as well. Having good physical and mental well-being is crucial to your children's overall health.

Exercice Playground