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Early childhood development

Table manners

While your children are in our care, we'll enforce table manners so they'll know to have them wherever they go. All aspects of table manners (including "please" and "thank you") will be covered.

Learning to share

Your children will learn to maintain happy relationships with family, siblings, and friends by actively sharing their things with one another. They'll grow up loving to care and share with people.

Listening skills

Watch your children grow in their listening skills with each week. By having proper listening skills, they will learn to create pleasant and stress-free environments that everyone can enjoy.

Activities to help them grow

Take turns

Rain or shine

Solve problems

Process and solve problems in new ways under our guidance.

Friendship building

Social and emotional skills to help your children grow.

Your kids will learn to be polite and patient.

Discussing weather can get your children to think about the earth.

Don't worry about your children losing their early childhood development skills when they leave the house. They will learn table etiquette, sharing, listening, problem solving, and more when they are with us.

Friendship Take turns Rain or shine Solve problems