Amanda Golden June 27, 2021

Amanda Golden

"All 4 of my children have gone to life skills learning center. My oldest is 12 and started when she was 2. My next three to follow have all gone here and I would not send them anywhere else. The owner is amazing and truly cares about all of the kids like they are her own. She would do anything for them and the parents within her abilities. She always goes above and beyond for my children and is very understanding of each individual personality and how to If there is ever a concern it is addressed quickly and taken care of appropriately. My children love coming and seeing their teachers and friends every day."
Angelica Cook April 27, 2021

Angelica Cook

"I would 100% recommend this center. My kids have been going here for a little over two years. ALL of the teachers have always gone above and beyond! Anytime there’s so much as a scraped knee I get a text letting me know what happened. My daughter started learning sign language at 1 because of the incredible teachers she had. She also speaks very well for being two and I give partial credit to these amazing women. My son learned how to spell and write his name at 4! He also knows his colors and shapes which I think is awesome. They arnt just a daycare they are a learning center as stated in the name. I consider them my children’s second moms because of how caring they are. Even in the middle of a pandemic, they are still going above and beyond standard procedures. Wearing masks daily, the kids wash hands often, they check temperatures as soon as the children come through the door as well as through out the day. I’m thankful for this center and the way they have helped me care for"
Ashley Barber April 27, 2020

Ashley Barber

"We just started the last month here with our youngest. I can say because of the staff my son adjusted well and everyone is always polite and smiling. I would recommend this center over and over again."