Early Childhood Education in Springfield, MO

At Life Skills Learning Center we are committed to the growth and development of each child in our care. Many parents are often concerned that their children may lose their early childhood development skills when they leave the house.

Early Learning Techniques

However, this should not be a concern if your child is placed in our early childhood education program. Our focus is solely on early learning techniques that ensure that whatever the child learns at home or at our school will be implemented by the child in real-life situations, including:

  • Table etiquette
  • Sharing
  • Listening
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Cleaning up after playing or eating
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Mathematical skills, such as counting

We create a fun and enjoyable learning early education environment

We create a fun and enjoyable learning environment where children are able to progress and advance on the skills that they learn at home as well as the skills that they learn at our center. For example, at our early learning facility, we cover all aspects of table manners, including asking “please” and saying “thank you.”

In addition, all our teachers and associates foster an environment of sharing where children are constantly reminded to share with other children. These skills are encouraged and promoted to ensure that the child practices the same behavior in our school, at home or in any other setting the child may be in.

Two of the main skills that we teach at our facility, apart from sharing and table etiquette, are listening and communication skills. Children are taught to effectively listen and communicate with other children as well as adults, in order to articulate exactly what it is that they may want or need.

Our Key Focus Areas

Our early childhood development focuses on:
Red flags/milestones | Manners | Learning to share | Listening skills | Table manners/learning to share/listening skills text blocks and photo

We do a range of activities that help children from Springfield and Greene County, MO to grow, which may include taking turns and waiting for someone else to take their turn, building friendships, learning how to identify and solve problems, as well as talking about the weather in order to get children to think about the environment and their place in it. Give us a call to learn about day care costs or career opportunities now!

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