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Attitude, Behavior, and Communication
Learning Center

Our kids graduate ready for Kindergarten…and Life!

Learning Center in Springfield, MO

Life Skills Learning Center is a family-owned and operated learning center with a focus on early education and life skills. We were established in 1995 and serve the Springfield and Greene County, MO, area. Life happens. We know that. That’s why, at Life Skills Learning Center, we offer a one-day cost payment plan, which means that you only pay for the days that your child is present at Life Skills Learning Center.

A day at Life Skills Learning Center includes:
Mealtime | Snack time | Arts and crafts | Education | Fun activities with our highly experienced staff

Our Kids Learn Through Play

The key to childhood development is learning through play. And that is exactly the approach we take when fostering a space for growth and development. Did you know that physical play may stimulate growth? Or, that tactical play may help to promote and develop fine and good motor skills in young children?

In fact, make-believe play may actually promote and advance social-emotional learning. Adults and children learn in different ways. We have tailored our curriculum to accommodate the many learning styles of young children and ensure that each child receives individual attention to help them grow and develop optimally at our learning center.

We Foster Healthy Habits

At our learning center, we not only encourage, teach and promote self-help skills, we also motivate young learners to develop self-regulation and build independence.

Our childhood programs focus on and promote the healthy separation of children from caregivers while encouraging the development of the self-help skills of the child. We promote, teach and encourage children to care for themselves AND each other in order to build confidence and competency.

Your kids don’t just learn their ABCs here at Life Skills Learning Center, they also learn life skills.

Here are just some of the life skills your child will learn while attending Life Skills Learning Center:

  • How to sit quietly at the table.
  • How, when and why to wash their hands, as well as health and hygiene.
  • How and why they should use manners.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • The importance of time management and being on time.
  • Being neat and tidy as well as cleaning up after themselves.

We open early and stay late to match your scheduling needs. Give us a call today for more information!

Our Staff

One of our key focus areas, as a business, is recruiting knowledgeable, competent staff to work with your little ones in our learning center. We understand how much you love your children, and how much their development means to you, and we are excited to work with your children to help them grow, learn and develop.

A pre-requisite for a day care job at Life Skills Learning Center is a passion for children. You know, that when you leave your child with us, they are getting the best care, education and support that can be offered by a day care center in Missouri.

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